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Unrequited Slakitude of the Day
Unrequited love is the most poignant, the deepest hurt the most fondly remembered--she will love me yet, even if it costs me a mountain of ho-hos.

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Top 15 Most Popular Books in The Archive
The Broken Link
Yvonne Whittal

Cimarron Knight
Pepper Adams

Stubborn Cinderella
Eugenia Riley

Stephanie  Margelos

The Traitor''s Daughter
Joan Overfield

The Maiden Bride
Rexanne Becnel

Pure Sin
Susan Johnson

Fair Game
Diane Farr

Summer Pine
Thomas Matthews

Falling Roses
Rosemarie Piemonte

Call of Temptation
Michelle M  Pillow

Montana Sky
Nora Roberts

Sara Craven

Tender Betrayal
Grace Green

No Greater Joy
Rosemary Carter

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